Thursday, April 13, 2006

This is the sea

Poor M
I think sometimes he wonders what he's done to deserve his scatty wife.
I insisted on reading the words of "This is the sea" out to him last night...
..and again earlier on when I got home.
I can't help it, I've had such a day and such a few months, when I find something that speaks to me like that song did last night, I cannot keep it in.
So once more he was the patient recipient of my mutterings (which are far worse than the ones I post here.)
He tolerates me well!!

now you say you got trouble
you say you got pain
you say you got nothin' left to believe in
nothin' to hold on to
nothin' but chains
you been scourin' your conscience
and rakin' through your memories
you been scourin' your conscience
and rakin' through your memories
but that was the river
this is the sea

This is the sea
No going back to the river
No trying to remember how fine my life used to be
Got to go forward, no turning back...

I am still weary
Weary of the months of pain and fuzzy thoughts
Coming into crystal clearness
Hollow emptiness

But the great thing about it all is...
...I am still the same person.
I am still me and I still can do what I used to do.
My ability to love has not gone, nor my ability to be loved.
Nor my ability to laugh and feel joy and sun and rain and ice and breezes blowing
And when I face the hurricanes that our lives seem to create...
...I can still stand
I have not fallen
I have not been crushed

That was the river
And this is the sea
And I shall not drown.

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