Saturday, June 07, 2008

The sun...

The sun is out again.
I have been having an early morning sit in the garden, listening to the birds and the traffic in the distance on the motorway, and hearing others sit out too, eating breakfasts, chatting, smoking, all enjoying in their way this wonderous event.

The peace that the sun gives me I relish, I lie there, eyes shut, letting the warmth spread over my body and face, stretching and purring, truly cat like.

Then back to earth, boys to talk to, both mournful in their own way, one in the middle of exams, the other getting to the end of school and the uncertainty that will bring.

But my skin is warmed by those rays, and warmed inside I move on and do what needs to be done, carrying the sun and that peace with me.

May it shine on you today too!