Sunday, April 23, 2006

Lourdes 6 -Anyone seen the lift?

Somewhat exhausted, My and I rose as usual and split the jobs while all others had a lie in.
Down we went for breakfast together alone, leaving Matt in the mercy of V & R, watching Kong. Again.
Again for the 5th time...
We chatted about this and that, suing people, with the glorious mountains in the background.
I mentioned that I would never have sued about T, because it just would have prolonged the bitterness, that had gone on long enough.
No one had woken up that morning thinking that they were going to brain damage a baby, no one set out to perform less than their best.
It was not intended...
My asked what happened exactly.
And once more, the words and tears started to flow.
Probably more than to any other real life person.
The story of T and my loss of faith, intertwined and told...

How I first got angry, then accepted God's will for T
How I then began to think and think about things that didn't make sense.
And how statements like Martin's- that God allows some to suffer so others may learn to love make me incredibly angry...
And once more I wept
And My hugged me and said nothing

And Martin came along and complained of a sore throat and I stopped talking and crying.
And went back into routine...
And discussed another difficult case with the leader of JS3 and worked out what I needed for them
So after going to medical HQ to pick up stuff, I went to the Carrefour once more as medical base in case any of the shoppers needed help.
I had the Tao of Pooh delivered to me, but had little chance to read it as a succession of others stopped to chat...
Then it was off to the Terrase for lunch (another vegetarian disaster with ham pizza again) and then up to the Ukranian Church.
We found the lift to take us up the steep hill and crossed the busy roads without anyone being run over by car or train.
The Mass was three short but sweet none the same, with all being thankful for each other.
Down we went to the cafe and I finally gave in and went back to the hotel to bed for two hours.
Supper was interrupted by the Irish, who insisted we sang "Rise and Shine" then off to light our candles.

Do candles work if you are an atheist, I wondered- well the prayers are those of others came the reply, you are being the agent.
So I lit them with Alice's help. Ironically, they kept blowing out at first, until I got a good flame going.
Then we moved by the river and Martin spoke about the water and we went and filled the bottles...

Back to Matt's room for night prayers (we'd done it all week as he needed to be connected to his pump at this point)

All said who and what they were thankful for and gifts were given, including the group photo (which I lost in the chaos that was Matt's room.) Matt was thankful for his helpers, as was I. Good boys both, full of love and compassion and kindness. Goodness and love oozes out of them both, without them trying or realising what they are doing.

And bed, eventually, after drinks and paninis from the Carrefour brought back to the hotel.
R&V went downstairs to join the Irish as we went to bed, as they wanted to chat to a pretty Irish girl they'd both been in raptures about all week (the only one making any headway was Matt, who'd been covered in kisses by her earlier that day.)
At 5.15am, R once more burst into the room, as the pump alarm was going off...
And it was Saturday, time to go home...

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