Monday, April 24, 2006

Hot off the press...

Not we need really.
Besides being a tad inaccurate (the name of the trust, the number of children left on the plane, the fact that communication was going on- in the person of hubbie for one) it takes the focus off the good side of the week on to this last little bit.
How annoying...

And I'm sliding into post trip let down mode.
Earlier on I fell asleep while listening to the Waterboys.
I woke up praying, then stopped short as I remembered I don't do that anymore.
Or something like that.
And started to cry...
I'm just far too emotional- tiredness and lack of sleep.
And the doctor phoned- they want to see me again after my latest blood tests.
Probably means they'll force me to have an endoscopy.
Especially if I confess the pain hasn't gone.

So all in all, I'm feeling weak and feeble tonight.
I better be better by Sunday, as I'm taking J to Paris for 5 days.
And she is as much of a handful as T.

So I've just had a bath, with joss sticks burning and now I'm listening to Classic FM chilling me slowly throughout
The boys are settled (for ten minutes at least) and M has brought me a lovely cup of coffee.
And flowers have just been delivered from the group to say "thanks"

Sweet things to dwell on and to carry me through...


aaron said...

Cat try to forget waht you do and dont' do :) Let your heart guide you :) Don't worry about the deffentions others feed you, be you :)

:hug: your freind awlays

Anonymous said...

If it's any consolation to you, I'm going to have an endoscopic procedure sometime this year. I should have had it done a long time ago. My esophagus is fried and likely narrowed with scar tissue. Argh!

Am keeping you in my prayers, dear!