Sunday, February 28, 2010

2010- strange year

So In November I had a mad idea
Two flats were coming up for sale next to my mother in law
We should buy them, I said to hubbie, use it as a way to move towards Son1 getting independent

So here we are, three months later, minus one house, one dog who sadly died of kidney failure at 18 but plus two flats
Hubbie and I upstairs
Son1 and 2 downstairs

Not been plain sailing
Son1 ran away the other day (armed with 2 ham sarnies and 3 packs of crisp)
Son2 has withdrawn more away from us
And I have lost things beyond words
The sunsets, the sights and sounds and smells of the home I love
Now I live in the city, the droning of the cars and lorries on the main road ever present
The sirens of ambulances dashing up and down
The garden notable by its absence

But this is not for now
This is for the future
The way ahead, the path for son1 to learn how living lone can be

Will it work?
No idea
But to not try would have been foolish beyond doubt

So as I become accustomed to new noises and sights and sounds and smells
I keep in mind that distant goal
That one day I can slip away
Without the last thought being of panic for son1
And allow the last thought to be
Of what I have done and how I have danced my way through this life

Here's hoping