Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Hitting the wall

I hit the wall today.
It was almost impossible to put one foot in front of each other.
My head hurt, my ulcer griped at me and my body kept yelling "Go back to bed!"
When I got into work I discovered two urgent full reports that needed to be in by Friday and no time to do them in.
On the up side, my tray was only one foot high with material
And I thought I had at least two spaces in clinic.

(I didn't but it made me feel happy for a short time.)

So I surged through paper work and turned up for the team meeting and left early to return to more paperwork.
I finished the reports, started clinic at 12 and finished with a flourish at 4.45pm, hardly drawing breath...
The med student was given a good guide of some of my nicest clients and seemed interested and appropriate. He'd also obviously been reading and studying, so he gets good marks from me today.
Finished just 5 minutes later, only to discover that we couldn't lock up because the alarm didn't work.
Two social workers, a nurse and a doctor puzzled over it and went round the building on several occasions to check all the doors were locked, to no avail. Eventually my method of screaming at the alarm and pressing "cancel" all the time got us back to the opening screen and we finally escaped.
We did have visions of having to stay there all night, protecting the base against the attack of the graffiti artists, who would love to come in and play round inside as they do outside...
Once home, I could tell all was not well.
T was twitchy and sure enough, blew a mega fuse about an hour later.
He was unbringdownable for a while until finally I got him calm enough to agree to go out with his dad for a drive.
Once home, we had a minor repeat, but bath and tablets later and he's calmer and even laughing a little at something he's doing with Mw.
And I thought
How lovely it was to leave those childrens problems behind me.
For one week, their problems were ours, now they are back with their parents.
But we have T
And at times, when I've been in work all day and come home to a raging banashee, my system starts to protest.
I'm so tired...
When will it end?

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