Wednesday, February 22, 2006


So we went to Glastonbury today.
Last time I went there was just before I lost my faith.
This time I took the terrible two, on holiday from school.
It started badly.
Senior moment beckoned and I entered my PIN wrongly three times while buying petrol thus locking my card.
We also had a traffic jam on the way and when we got there, the little teashop in the Abbey was closed.
T was, as ever furious and sulked his way round the Abbey, till I got him to talk about his latest computer game.
He went into overdrive, forgot about the teashop and recovered sufficiently to laugh at Mw trying to stop me taking a picture of him by the thorn tree.
We went into the little chapel then, Mw and I, T staying outside, walking up and down, talking away to himself.
Mw instantly turned to me.
"Mum? Why don't you believe in God anymore?"
The effect of the thorn tree, the legends we read as we walked around were playing on his mind.
I hestitantly explained that I don't believe because I cannot see a god anymore, I don't have evidence that he exists but I cannot prove that, neither could anyone prove god exists. It all boils down to faith.
In so many words.
Mw thought.
He told me he believed in god and without god could see no point in living.
Why live, just to die?
There has to be a god or life is pointless?
At this delicate moment, T barged into the little chapel, glared at us both and refused to budge.
Mw stopped and wouldn't continue...

So from there we walked into "town."
T developed that air of fantatism that only he has.
Town= place with at least one computer games shop.
(City=place with >1)
We marched up the street, calling at the bank to try and unlock my card (the machine was broken) and stopped off for a quick lunch break.
He managed to find his shop and bought a cheap game he had wanted for ages.
It was only when I glanced up that I realised the PS section was next to the adult porn section, which was, um, pretty explicit.
Mw was very amused by his mother's discomfort and his brother's total lack of interest.
I covered his eyes so he couldn't look...

And then home, uneventfully, and unlocked the card.
I didn't get to see anything I wanted, I had hoped to look in a bookshop or two, but such is life with T, we're used to it.
And they enjoyed it and were relaxed and happy the rest of the day.

Now all I have to do is continue the conversation with Mw

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