Thursday, February 09, 2006


T is ill today
Actually, he started getting a cold the other day, but tonight he has a temp and usually with T that leads to a restless night and him throwing up
I got him to sleep in my bed and then walked him to his own, half asleep and deliriously muttering about too many people in the room
So I stand prepared
It wouldn't be too bad, as I just had terrible dreams the last two nights as I contemplate and ruminate on the events of the last week
At one point I was being bbq'd and looked down to see my flesh turning a lovely crispy chicken skin colour and texture.
But all things will work their way out
Ho hum

Computer system training is now over and the new system arrives in work next week.
In true NHS style, the system is incompatible with the social services system and the social workers are not permitted to use it.
Politics, politics..
But it is actually a user friendly system, we just have to make sure it works for us and not vice verse

The Lourdes forms and phone calls continue to flood in and I am gaining reputation as a bit of a witch. The group leaders all hate me, to a man (and woman)
But who'd thought it be so difficult to ensure the forms were correctly completed before they get sent in?
And at least I do most of the work myself, only once or twice as a form comes back with virtually nothing filled in do I send it back.
Tomorrow after work I'm going to visit a little boy we're taking who has been in hospital for a year.
They can't get funding for the nurses they need if he is to go home to live (he needs feeds through a tube, 3 hourly catheterisation, meds, physio, so much attention)
I hope we can take him- it'll be difficult but he'd love it so much!
Fingers crossed....

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