Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Reading back

I had a look at my old journal, round about six months back, when things started to go wrong and fell over this post and felt unspeakably sad, which worsened as I read on.
But T is still full of beans, bless him and is still into pirates
He got a game about pirates and became very concerned and wanted to sell it
"Why?" I asked puzzled (for he had been having the most enjoyment he'd had for months)
"It's too much fun and it makes me worried"
He cannot cope with too much fun, our T, it gets him confuzzled
Too much of any emotion is hard to manage
So we decided to limit the time he played on it and consequently, he managed to get the fun quota down to acceptable limits!
Problem solved...

Now only another two thousand problems to sort out before bedtime!

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faerieeva said...

*gives you a nice big hug*

I haven't posted much to you the last days. A headcold is keeping my thoughts in check. Small posts are ok, but larger stuff, and heavy thinking, seems to be extremely hard.

Confusion and circles and human warmth, some days all things seem to come together. Too much is hard for children with an emotional overload at a much lower treshhold. Even if it's fun. It's as if we have to keep them in a corset.

You sound so tired, Cat. *hugs you*