Saturday, March 04, 2006

Are you good?

Well, are you?
According to the biblegod, no one is good but God alone.
So, unless you accept God and his message of salvation, it's eternal separation and unhappiness.
/hell rant mode on
Difficult issues here...
Firstly, God=good; God=killing the firstborn of the Egyptians etc. etc.
(I could write a long list, well known to attendors of apologetics fora of other actions and approved actions of OT god)
Even Jesus spoke of people being turned out to places where there would be weeping and gnashing of teeth.
If our definition of good comes from this, how do we know what God wants?
Doesn't this take us to the actions of folks down the centuries who killed and murdered and tortured in the name of God and said it was good?
Secondly, if God made all, how come we cannot be good? In heaven, once there, we will be forever, according to the bible, so why could he not have done it right here, right now?
Thirdly, why cannot god give more evidence now? Not just the "I prayer and found my car keys" evidence, "I felt God move, speak, inspire", not just 2000 year old inconsistent story evidence?
Why not something a bit clearer?
Fourthly, why are so many of his supporters so angry and full of hate?
Why, when I wanted to believe so much, did he hide from me, and why does he still hide if he is really there? Why am I still "missing?"

So, in answer, sometimes I am "good" in the eyes of those round me, sometimes, not so good, sometimes crabby, sometimes loving and unselfish, sometimes brave, sometimes cowardly.
But, neither I, nor any one I know who has been placed on this world, deserve eternal misery for what I have done, what they have done. And those that say people do, need to seriously look in their own hearts and ask, "What kind of god am I serving?"

/hell rant mode off...

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