Sunday, February 05, 2006

Missing post

My last post, which was actually a little upbeat for me lately, has mysteriously disappeared, along with some comments. So this will be short and sweet, just in case it goes too!
Today we celebrated Grandma's birthday
The grandchildren and two aunties went round with her in a limo for an hour
It was a surprise and she really enjoyed it, sipping champagne and waving to passers by.
Son1 wouldn't go, of course and after a restless 24 hours or so, I took him for a walk to relax him.
Fortunately we passed a computer shop that as open, so he went in and wrote down lots of prices of various specs of computers (he's into that at the moment.)
Now we're home getting ready for the evening.
A couple of the Lourdes group are coming round to discuss children they're taking with me (I haven't told these two about you know what yet) and I am really tired with the prospect of a week of training on our new awesome computer system for work (we go live and paperless Feb 10th. EEEEK!!) draining me somewhat tonight.
Life goes on, folks, life goes on.
And the sunset was beautiful and the stars will be out soon.
I used to look in the sky and think of the Psalms
Now I just look
But it's awesome still
and it still gives me peace as I gaze skywards
and I still wonder if on another planet light years away a little green woman is doing the same...

Reckon I'll never know!

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