Friday, March 24, 2006

Here we go again...

So the last week or two, my anxiety has been getting worse, or so I thought. This almost constant gripping pain inside dogged me night and day.
Until Wed night when it exploded into the pain I had back last November, only about twenty times worse. I implored M to euthanase me, so to speak, as nothing would touch it.
Thursday morning I went to see the doctor and after two hours of seeing the nurse and her they tell me I probably have either severe reflux (I don't see that personally, as I have no acid reflux at all) or a gastric ulcer, I meekly accepted the same treatment as last time (which worked after three weeks) and agreed to further tests, acknowledging that if I'd had them last time, maybe I wouldn't be in this state now.
So today things are a bit better, but like before, as long as I don't eat. I've tried one or two little things, only to be met with ominous aches and twinges.
So my plan is effective starvation till Sunday, when I'll try something ready for Monday and work. And I've taken a couple of days off to get my head round it all...
Meanwhile, the Lourdes group met round here last night. Planning moves on apace, with the date getting closer. Trying to work out how to take several gallons of feeds and medical equipment necessary for our hospitalised child is proving a logistic headache, as is how to get him to the airport.
Never mind, we'll do it...
I don't envisage getting much sleep that week either.

Remind me again why I go?
Especially now I'm an evil atheist...

And Mw looks forward to NYC, at least I think he's more looking forward to a week of tormenting me on his own, without T to annoy him.
And J looks forward to Paris.

I'm going to be well travelled the next three months!


Shannon said...

Cat-- all of the pain sounds just heart aches for you to endure it!

Are you going to NYC?? If I was rich, I'd fly up to meet you!!! It's so close, and yet so far!

Cat said...

I'm Ok, I'm glad to know what it is as I was putting it down to anxiety and thought it would never go.
I'm going to NYC with Matt in May...
Well travelled at the moment.
I wish I could meet you, one day perhaps!