Friday, November 24, 2006


I'm on an enforced period of rest.
One month.
Hopefully what I have is reactive and not rheumatoid arthritis, according to the consultant.
So in the first week I have written all my cards for Christmas, put all the addys onto the computer, watched cosmos and the DVD of monks that someone sent me from CF/II (my father has too- an amzing film), read several books, made cards and explored on the net.
The latter has been interesting.
Every now and then, something that I have always known about myself becomes apparant.
This case is no exception.
It led to a long discussion with hubbie and many issues that have been sitting half untouched since December last year were finally brought out and stood in the open for us both to see.
Because I have changed.
The thing that was a most important part of me, my faith, is now no more and I have to find out what that means in terms of how I live my life and how we live our lives together...
We both know one thing, we want to stay together, but there may be areas in which we now clash. But having got through 20 odd years of disasters together and ended up where we are now smiling, hopefully, even as I explore the world from the safety of my room, things will be ok...
And at least while I explore, I can have fun doing so and thus take my mind off my rest.
And my pain!


aa said...


Laura said...

Hey sweetie - just checking in {{{hugs}}}

Cat said...

h u g s!!!!!!!!
Good to see you. Hope the kitchen is getting done and things are less chaotic for you...

Stephanie said...

CAT!!! thank you SO much for the Christmas card, it's absolutely LOVELY! you did a fantastic job! I promise I'll have mine out... soon... maybe. :)

next time you're on MSN and arent busy, please message me! I have a question for you -- not deathly important... this is providing i'm home and not working or sleeping. :)