Thursday, January 10, 2008


How do I deal with this anger?
I am sitting here now, seething, burning, so tense, so tied up in knots inside
Alternatively crying and sitting swearing at the person, the situation
At the thoughtlessness, selfishness and supreme arrogance that is displayed
How can I rid myself of the tainted stain when I thought I had washed it out?


I do not have completion, closure
I have unanswered questions, the whys, wheres, hows and whats
And that leaves me with uncertainty- something that I hate

I think I need to lie on the floor with the leaves turning into mulch again
Smell that sweet scent of change
From one form to another
That has ended, this is begun
Say goodbye and realise that could never be, never come true
You are but a fool, a failure, accept it, move on

Then, maybe, that anger will go.

Sleep sweetly....


Gerard said...

You are not a fool Cath. A fool is someone who fails to see reality in front of them by arrogance and egoticism. But like the leaves that fall in autumn and bloom forth in the spring...perhaps it is time for a change. To move on to different challenges.

Cat said...

See my next post...
Moving on...
Have a good week.
Cath xxx