Saturday, April 28, 2007

Da Vinci's cavern

Not sure if I've put the quote here...
Just in case, here it is, viewed last December, virtually on the anniversary of my deconversion, at a Da Vinci exhibition in London....

I wandered some way among gloomy rocks,
coming to the entrance of a great cavern,
in front of which I stood for some time,
stupified and incomprehending such a thing…
Suddenly two things arose in me,
fear and desire;
fear of the menacing darkness of the cavern;
desire to see if there was any marvellous thing within.

Leonardo da Vinci

That quote has expressed for sometime how I feel about the way I'm going in life....deeper and deeper into the cavern.
I haven't yet got to a point where I feel it is explored sufficiently to leave, nor am I ready to stop.
Earlier this week I nearly bolted out of the cavern and back onto solid, safe ground in brilliant daylight but I think that time has not yet come.
Still more to find out, I think....perhaps just being slightly more cautious about inching my way forward.

Anyone got a torch?


Anonymous said...

Perhaps the light is just an illusion anyway?

Forget the torch, take my night vision goggles. They make everything which is alive look green, and everything which isn't alive stays dark.

Stephanie said...

sounds like you might need some food in that cave there too. :)

Anonymous said...

...and a bottle of red wine

Cat said...

definitely red wine....
;)#The night vision goggles sound like an interesting idea too.
And *hugs* Steph, thank for popping in and say hi to the pub people for me. I'll take some grits, tell ZooMom...