Sunday, December 31, 2006

Happy New Year

So another year passes, probably the most dramatic in my life.
The year in which I waved goodbye to faith, not just as something that I possessed, but as something that I strove to regain.
I no longer want it back.
Too many things that harmed me over many years tied up with it.
So what will 2007 bring?
No idea.
More trouble, that is a given.
More heartbreak, more sorrow, more pain.
But in exploring the solutions to all those, joy, discovery and new experiences that make me wonder and gasp.
The gentle sigh of the breeze and the thunderous din of the hurricane, blowing me about until I come to rest somewhere new and strange.
And admit that I need to grow so much more, that I have been stunted by the limits I have placed on myself and continue to place.
But grow in a controlled, responsible, mature way, not at the expense of others, no seeking satisfaction while the peasants starve!
Happy New Year and may it bring to you all you want and need this year...


Aaron said...

2007 brings a hug from me :)


Anonymous said...

Happy New Year, my friend - I miss you and hope you are well.



Rosa_Mystica said...

I know it's late, but Happy New Year, Cat! I hope 2007 will bring you many delights. :)

Oh- and about your faith: I must say I'm kinda relieved to hear you say that you don't want it back. I know that not having it was causing you immense pain for the longest time. Glad to hear you're not experiencing that anymore. :)