Friday, May 12, 2006

Helicobacter day 3

/self pity mode on
I feel awful. I have no energy, having not slept well last night, my tongue is black with an ulcer on one side and white bits on the other and my tummy is misbehaving at all the wrong moments. The meeting this morning was so, so sad and I cannot face anymore conflict.
/self pity mode off

Feel better now!
Nothing like a moan.
I'll hopefully sleep tonight and with any luck will be refreshed and happy in the morning. Tom will be more relaxed, Matt will actually talk to me without calling me short stuff and I'll visit the family without getting into awkward conversations with anyone.
Always look on the bright side of life!!


Aaronm said...

/me pass cat a super pillow to take all worries and pains away :)

Cat said...

It's my sore mouth that's getting me down the most. I hardly slept...
but a super soft pillow will help!

stephanie said...

watch it... he might have hidden water balloons in that thing. ;)

Cat said...

LOL at Steph!!