Saturday, May 17, 2008

Low Patch

I've hit a real low patch, which is partly to do with my totally inadequate diet and partly to do with the atmosphere at work, which is horrendous. That in turn is affecting the way I think, so anything in the least bit negative assumes huge proportions in my mind and I ruminate away, to the point of absurdity.

I can analyse it rationally, but I cannot stop it, and I've reached the point of going back to the GP to ask for a change in medication. I had been doing so well, too and thought that maybe the problem wasn't in the job but was in my attitude to it and was working a way out to change the attitude. Now all I can do is fight to get myself up and going every day.
Because I have to.
No choice.
No one else is going to bring the money home.

And I have occasional days of respite but once I am back into my ordinary life, this cloud descends again and I walk through treacle.

Crumb of comfort?
Or maybe get my act together and try and get these tablets changed....

The latter I think.

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