Saturday, June 02, 2007

one dog, one cat

"Mother of two boys, one dog, one cat..."

All profiles generally and names have something to do with Cat- partly because it's part of my name, partly because my beloved cat is so important to me.

And sitting in the car, being picked up from a solitary two day break in London, to try and invigorate me ready for work again, I received the news that all pet owners dread.

Jj was no more, run over by a car, her dead body being found by a caring woman, who took the time and trouble to trace us.

The boys, learning this while I was away were all devastated, all (including hubbie) cried.

Hubbie, who never liked animals, who didn't want the dog, let alone the cat, cried.

And they buried her down at the allotment, under one of the trees.

So no more Jj, waking me up in the morning, purring at me, closing her eyes at me, treading her paws softly on my bed.

No more Jj, wrapping herself around my legs as I walk or sit, saying hi to me in her way.

No more Jj bopping Sandy with a soft velvet paw, claws in, rolling on the warm patio, no more gentle cuddles with the supremely relaxed and loving cat, who never scrammed me once.

I'm still in stun mode, keep thinking she'll be coming back.

But she will not.

My life, our lives, were all made more cheerful and joyful, more blissful, by the presence of this small, dark, loving creature.

She will be missed.

Greatly missed.....


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Laura said...

Oh Cat {{{{hug}}} So sorry to hear this :(

We have to find new homes for our cats when we move down to be with Andy in August, and I am heartbroken enough about I can imagine how this must hurt.

Many {{{{{hugs}}}} my friend - I miss you x