Saturday, October 07, 2006

Bible- Why??

I've recently been reading Gerald Priestland's excellent "Priestland's Progress- One Man's search for Christianity now."
Priestland, a Quaker, made a radio series in the early 1980s for the BBC which encompasses a journey through Christianity, interveiwing many different Christians and others to explore his own faith in a personal and deeply moving way.
As I read the views of many people interviewed, one thing that struck me was their reliance on the Bible as the guide for their faith, without any of them really saying why they did that- which to them may be self evident, but in my position at the moment, it is not.
So I suppose my question is why should one regard the Bible as the word of God, and perhaps, more importantly, what does that actually mean to individual Christians?
I'm deliberately posting this here, not GA because I'm not after a debate but answers from Christians to questions I have.
Thanks in advance

Posted here at CF...
But I asked for it to be closed.
Well no one seems to understand what I'm asking and I'm not sure if I fully understand it myself.
Directed to how often the question has been answered before, I didn't feel I could say, after reading the answers in the many links given, I know that, all that and it doesn't answer what I'm asking.
I think it's because what I'm searching for is proof and proof will never be found.
And faith has gone, so there's no way back.
But if anyone out there can tell me why the bible?- I'd be grateful...
Or even tell me what I'm asking- it might be a start.

I wept buckets over that thread too- it'll be the last time I do something like that at CF! I'm back to fluff, stupidity and glitter...


Shannon (shaslove-CF) said...

I believe in the Bible because;

A.) it is the most reliable older book...many times the bible has been tested with previous versions, and has found that the older version and the new version (such as when the dead sea scrolls were found) are the same besides a few small grammatical errors

b.) most of the accounts in the bible were written a lot sooner than the old history of the time. for example, one book of the bible was written i think 100 years after the event happened, whereas the history writers of the time might wait 2-300 years.

just some food for thought,
thanks for the intriguing question.


ukok said...


I came here to comment on your kindhearted comment on my blog, but find myself intrigued by your post instead...

I may not have the answers, that you are searching for and I'm not sure that I understand what you are asking so I won't attempt to respond to that. But I will ask if you still read scripture. And if you do, do you ask the Holy Spirit to reveal to you what your heart longs to hear?

Does not believing now prevent you from meditating on passages that your heart once loved to read?

Perhaps you will find the answers to your questions by picking up the bible again and asking God to meet with you, to still your troubled mind?

I mean this with much compassion, my friend


ukok said...

Forgot to say, I really like your new profile picture :-)

Cat said...

I still read the book, I still value the poetry and guidance that it contains. It's here, on my desk in front of me, along with the Priestland book. But I cannot see beyond that. Part of the reason I asked for the thread to be shut was that I don't want, in a way, to have the answers, because they are all answers I have already thought through and to which there are many counter answers running round my brain.
I've had a couple of pm's and also followed the links provided. It doesn't help. I've read threads and threads on it, books, listened...nothing.
I seem to be caught in a bind, I cannot understand until I once again believe and have the spirit in me yet I cannot believe as I don't understand. and am now "colour blind."
Or as Calvinists would have it, I guess I'm just one of those destined to perish, not one of the elect. Little point in even trying.
As I'm getting more morose the more i think on it, i think I better stop. It's the arthritis driving me potty probably!
Thanks Deb and I hope things are going well for you.

aaron said...