Sunday, August 27, 2006

Summer Holiday2

We've all been on our Summer break.
To Yorkshire, to a beautiful cottage.
It had its high points and its not so high points...
Like the power kept cutting out and the lack of privacy not apparent in the advert.
And the weather
And the children, who were demanding and dissatisfied by a great deal of what went on.
T was his usual self, totally focused on himself and his needs and proud of the fact.
"What do you expect?" he answered at one point, as I attempted to haul my aching body round York in an attempt to find the one shop he HAD to go to...
Two hours later, found and rejected as being "ridiculous" for not having the product he "needed." An ice cream helped distract, as always and I had the chance to wander through the rambling shambling passages of York and sit in awe at the wonderful structure that is York Minster.
Mw was quieter than usual, worried about his gf, wanting to speak to her, be with her as she went through a difficult time. But he relaxed gradually and his witty and sharp banter kept up my spirits as my body continued to ache and complain.
M drifted along, above it all, taking T out for walks and drives in turns, reading his books and greatly enjoying the railway museum.
I took great pleasure from the little things I could.
The brook at the end of the road.
The views.
Meeting an internet friend and his fiancee.
The rabbits playing in the fields by the cottage.
The wind on my face while riding the "pirate boat" with Mw in Scarborough bay.
The views of the Moors, the purple heather, the silence.
Sitting on the couch with Mw snuggling in, watching Shrek2 and listening to him laugh...

Things of incalcuable worth and joy.


ukok said...

Isn't is awful that we have to take the kids along with us LOL!!!

Cat, darling, I only just saw your comment on my blog and wanted to tell you I'm thrilled to hear from you again.

Here's my response to you in case you don't get back there for a while....

"I remember you telling me that was what you were going to do and I recall as I was received into the Church, thinking of you being in Lourdes and caring so much about me to do such a beautiful thing. I've never forgotten that.

you're going back in Oct...:cry: ;-)

light us another cand;e eh, Cat? There is so much going on at the moment and I feel like I'm swimming against the tide in a lot of areas of my life. Love to you, my friend (((hug)))

Cat said...

Course I'll light a candle and I'll ask my fellow walkers to light one too (I'm doing a 50 mile sponsored walk from 50 miles away from Lourdes to Lourdes- see here for more!
Mike is going in about 3 weeks for his annual pilgrimage to Lourdes, so I'll ask him to light one for you then too.

aaron said...


Cat said...

You waving at me or Deb or both??
*waves* back at Aaron anyway.
The card should arrive soon too...